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      R&D center is organized with many talent engineers. They are well educated and experienced.

      R&D center has more than 60 engineers. Some of them are Doctor, or Master, or Bachelor. It is about 70% with the education background higher than bachelor and the major covers electronic communication, radio engineer, computer technology, software engineering, mechanical design, mold design and optical technology.

      The R&D center is organized with mechanical, electronic, software, testing and project management.
        1. The mechanical team is specialized on 3D creation and mold design. 
        2. The electronic team is specialized on the digital circuit, LF artificial circuit, HF(RF) circuit and power electronic circuit design.
        3. The software team is specialized on the MCU/DSP embedded firmware, PC application, sever application and IOS/Android application design.
        4. The testing team is specialized on the detailed testing to ensure the perfect design.
        5. The PM team is specialized on the manpower, devices, expense/cost and time management to ensure all the project can be completed timely and efficiently.


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