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     Our R&D Fields are listed below (include ever explored or currently working on)

       --- Intelligent toy

       --- Wireless product - From the company established, we continuously working on the wireless technology research and development. The satellite radio accessory, wireless water quality level detector, wireless baby monitor, 3G/WIFI surveillant camera, Bluetooth car kits and so on are successfully sold in the market. We are experience on the 2.4G wireless transmission, WIFI, Bluetooth, 3G communication and GPS design. Also, the company has many wireless testing devices to support the development.

       --- Digital image - After years of the research, our products relevant to digital image and optical electronic technology are becoming very competitive in US market. They are the top sales in the industry in US. Except the R&D team, we have excellent test labs (include optical lab, dusty-free lab and darkroom).

       --- Laser ranging

       --- Weak metal signal detection

       --- photovoltaic power generation

       --- Electronic acupuncture - With the corporation with Chinese Medicine of Guangzhou University, we are exploring the technology on the electronic medicine, health care and beauty care. Also, we got the medical device production authorization after the review from Food and Drug Administration of Guangdong.

       --- Online media communication - With the corporation with South China University of Technology, we acquired the achievement on the media P2P communication and movable video surveillance. Especially the NAT penetrate technology which will be the foundation of 'Internet+'.

       --- Human warming system

       --- Voice frequency

       --- Car networking

       --- Intelligent hardware and sever technology - With the mobile network developing, we setup the Intelligent hardware and sever platform. This platform is helping our health care and beauty care product for data collection. The intelligent hardware can connect to the server via mobile devices. This is the hottest realm and will have a great future.

      We have successfully made below product lines.

        1. Intelligent Toy - Included automatic tracking with multi-mode Battle Bull, Visual Calculator for Children, mode recognition Game Ball, Funny teaching timer.

        2. Wireless Product - Included satellite radio accessory, remote control, P2P 2.4G wireless monitor, two-way control electronic game call, Bluetooth car kits, 900Mhz wireless amplifier.

        3. Digital Imaging - 850nm IR surveillance camera, 940nm IR surveillance camera, HD action camera, WIFI camera, 3G camera.

        4. Laser Range Finder - with infrared laser range meter telescope.

        5. Metal Detector - handhold concentric grounding metal detector, GPS and all orientation navigation metal detector, touch panel and GPS double-D grounding metal detector.

        6. Heath Care Product - intelligent acupuncture machine, medium frequency acupuncture machine, beauty care product.

        7. Smart Home Product - wireless baby monitor, wireless water quality level detector.

        8. Heating Clothing - 12VDC heating pants. 5VDC heating vest, 5VDC heating waistcoat, 5VDC heating waistband.

        9. Conference Product - multi-parties meeting system.

        10. Car Networking Product - automatic diagnose and data transfer product OBD and its record management system.  

      The product line 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 and 10 are the most important for us. Especially the network communication research, we will invest more and more on the server platform, intelligent hardware, intelligent home care, OBD car network and intelligent wear. 

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