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     IUR (Industry University Research )Cooperation

      Our technology research is mainly from the independent development, with the assist from the university cooperation. This kind of mode contributes a lot for the high school talent training and helps the company to hire great engineers. We signed the Industry University Research Cooperation agreement with the South China University of Technology and Dongguan University of Technology. Every year, there are many students from these two high schools come to the company for practice. Till the 2nd season of 2015, it is over 40 graduate students and 30 regular college students. Partial of the excellent students stay in the company for full job working after graduated.

      While we are continuously improving our innovation and research ability, we also provide technology supports for the local enterprises. For example, we provided the anti-collision technology for a famous local enterprise when they were researching the RF-IF. And we provided debugging and trial run assist to another optical electronic enterprise in Dongguan.

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