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The company passed the certification of ICTI ICTI Code of Business Conduct

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Through the efforts of a few months, and finally through the ICTI ICTI Code of Business Conduct certification. ICTI International Council of Toy Industries (Some information translated International Toy Association) International Council of Toy Industties abbreviation. The ICTI Code refers the international toy industry to comply with industry standards. ICTI CARE Process title by previous ICTI-COBP. Evolved. In fact, as early as in November 2003 ICTI had internal announced announced within the fishes in September 2004. CARE represent: A-Awareness; the R-Rresponsibility; E-Ethics; understanding of the China Toy Association; understanding of HKQAA is a caring community, informed C-Caring; feel objects, responsibility and business ethics. CARE's purpose is to make the the global toy factory to assure consumers that their products are manufactured in a safe and humane environment. For this purpose, the consciousness it is to provide a single, open, thorough, and consistent audit procedures to the factory. 

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