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The Second National Fitness Games had been successfully concluded (18 December 2

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South star electronics "the second session of the national fitness sports" on December 14, 2013, the morning ended successfully.The games of the badminton men's singles, women's singles, men's doubles, women's doubles and mixed doubles, men's table tennis, men's table tennis, tug-of-war, three four, collective jump ball, obstacle relay, three basketball, playing sandbags, sit-ups, push-ups, throw darts, hula hoop race walking, turning speed hoop, single rope skipping, shuttlecock kicking, roll hoop, stationary shooting, play gyro, hopscotch, nine groups such as the ball ran, slow bike ride and 21 individual projects.
The games project is numerous, the worker participation enthusiasm high, competitive game set and entertainment at an organic whole, fully embodies the south star people healthy, solidarity spirit, is the staff of a spiritual feast.


Tug of war competition - everything is ready, such as the general manager only to shout "ready, go!"


Tug of war competition - together, tried!


Throw darts, concentration, static gas, aiming to pitch.


Single rope skipping, originally, the general manager is also a rope skipping master!


Three people jump rope, jump high and jump together, together to jump over. In order to be really


Hula hoop was run - turn faster more to run fast, hula hoop don't fall down!


Three of four - tacit understanding decision speed, moving towards champion quickly!


Sit-ups - the game is in progress...



Roll hoop rolled - many people when I was a child so the hoop to and from school.


Dozen gyro - long, beautiful childhood memories!

The badminton men's singles - the contestants


Table tennis competition - beating of devotion, see the person with relish.


Billiards game, the contestants


Table tennis - see this posture serve have champions rocks!


 Table tennis - top 5


Set shot - hoops


Hopscotch and sandbags, played the game as a child, everybody together in retrospect.


Slow ride a bicycle - players going slowly, in front of the audience walking slowly behind.


Slow ride a bicycle - champion was born!


The second session of the national fitness games a complete end!



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