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The Eighth National Fitness Games of South-star Electronic Limited ended with gr

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On December 28, 2019, all the employees of the company and leaders gathered together in the company's annual event "the 8th National Fitness Games of South-star Electronic Limited ". Everyone carried forward the style of "friendship first, competition second", exerted their sweat, exercised their will, demonstrated team spirit, and demonstrated corporate vitality.

A total of 18 competitions were set up for the Games, with a total of 503 persons and 1022 participants; enter the sport meeting..53 persons and 64 participants rated as top three of each event;115 persons and 146 participants rated as 4-8.

All athletes are aggressive, they brave the hardship in the competition, perform well and display fine sportsmanship. In the end, the innovation team led by Li Yongteng, the Yongtuo team led by Wan Ping, the vitality team led by Fu Guowei and the elite team led by Li Jun Obtained separately the first, second, third and fourth places of the team event. The " South-star Electronic Eighth National Fitness Games" and "the eighth billiards competition, the" ninth table tennis competition ", the" ninth session of the long-distance running competition ", and the" tenth badminton competition "have finally come to an end.

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